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You should ALWAYS have access to your health records.

The KNOWME ID is an electronic medical ID that helps you create, maintain, and access your personal health record – 


Avoid common healthcare problems

Bring order to the chaos. The current healthcare system is not patient-centered.

Doctors Are Too Busy

The average primary care doctor cares for ~2,300 patients, despite studies that have shown that an average primary care physician can reasonably provide preventive, chronic, and acute care for a panel of less than one thousand patients.

Medications Are Confusing

~80% of Americans take a prescription medication, but more than 50% of people don’t take their medications as prescribed, which leads to 125,000+ preventable deaths each year.  Dying from taking medications incorrectly is ~30 times greater than homicide for somebody who is over the age of 50.

Electronic Health Records Don't Communicate

For patients who take medications, researchers found that 77% experienced errors when they compared medications in their electronic medical record against their pharmacy’s information.

Your plan to succeed

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.


Choose your plan. Personal plans are great for individuals who are tech-savvy, have a limited health history, and minors, while Plus and Premium members can send us their info and have it uploaded on their behalf.

Add your information

It’s simple to add your medications, health conditions, providers, procedures, surgeries, tests, and vaccines into KNOWME’s HIPAA-secure platform.

Wear with confidence

Whether an emergency or a routine doctor’s appointment, you’ll have access to your entire accurate medical record, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Your Health
Your Control

Access your entire medical record whenever and wherever you want. The KNOWME ID connects to your personal health record and allows your doctor or a first responder to know you…

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Situation.

A Plan for everyone

KNOWME is perfect for everyone, regardless of your situation.




Best Value



Best Value

Chaos Is For Kindergarten Teachers, Not Your Health.

Patients who have access to their accurate health record have greater clarity about their health, which reduces their risk of negative health outcomes. KNOWME can help you transition from feeling like an unknown number to a confident participant in your healthcare decisions.