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You DESERVE to have access to your health records.


KNOWME gathers all of your records from your doctors, creates a clear, concise, and consolidated document, and helps you keep it up to date.

Avoid common healthcare problems

The current healthcare system is not patient-centered. We help change that.

Doctors Are
Too Busy

Medications Are Confusing

Health Records Don’t Talk

Your plan to succeed

Get started in just 1 easy step


Enter your demographic information, sign a records release, and we’ll get to work.


We’ll add your medications, health conditions, providers, surgeries, tests, and vaccines into KNOWME’s HIPAA-secure platform.


Your Patient Advocate will connect with you monthly and before and after each appointment to make sure all of your information stays up-to-date.

Your Health
Your Control

You’ll have access to your clear, concise, and consolidated health record — anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. Not only will you be able to print a file of your records, you’ll also receive a wallet card and keyfob and you’ll be able to access your vital records from any smartphone.

A Plan for your health

KNOWME is perfect for everyone, regardless of your situation.


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Our customers love knowme

There is a KNOWME for everyone – regardless of health status.

“I have Cystic Fibrosis and I get nervous when I have to see doctors outside of my Hopkins doctors who don’t know me. KNOWME changes that. Having my records with me all the time makes everything easier!”

Clint T.

“Since my stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis a few years ago, I’ve seen so many doctors. They’re all so busy and don’t talk to each other, but my KNOWME Personal Health Guide has been a lifesaver. My KNOWME ID gives me confidence in knowing that I always have my up-to-date medication list, imaging reports, and consultant notes with me all the time. It takes such a burden off me!”

Sonia D.

college student

Having all of my records on a wallet card. Why hasn’t this been done sooner? I love my KNOWME ID!

Evan C.

“KNOWME is a must-have! Before KNOWME, I would show up at my doctor appointments and they wouldn’t have any of my updated information. Now, my KNOWME Personal Health Guide makes sure that my updated records are there before my appointment. The entire KNOWME team provides exceptional service!”

Marilyn R.

“Having a KNOWME made our move from Maryland to Florida easier. We love having ALL of our medical information in one secure location. KNOWME’s Personal Health Guides have been extremely helpful in keeping our information up-to-date. Everyone should have a KNOWME ID.”

Janice T.