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Health Records Simplified 

The KNOWME ID pairs smart technology with personalized

service to give you access to all of your health information —

anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.

With KNOWME, you’ll get…

Information at your fingertips

Information at Your Fingertips

The KNOWME smart IDs [wristband, wallet card, & keychain] make it easy to access your medication list, health history, labs, imaging reports, procedures, surgeries, vaccinations, and doctor’s notes from ANY smartphone.

Personalized Service

KNOWME Personal Health Guides gather and enter your health information for you, helping you keep your KNOWME up-to-date.

Printable Snapshot

KNOWME Peronal Health Guides  consolidate your records, giving you a clear, concise, and printable snapshot of your health history.

How to get started with KNOWME

1. Select your plan and Register below

2. WE GATHER & ADD YOUR Records*

*plus & premium members

3. Wear or carry your KNOWME ID with Confidence

That’s it! Once you become a member, your KNOWME Personal Health Guide will contact you for any additional necessary information. 


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What to expect from knowme

Friendly Service

With my Cystic Fibrosis, I get anxious when I see doctors who aren’t familiar with me. My KNOWME Personal Health Guide has been fantastic, making sure that my KNOWME Health Snapshot is always up to date and that my doctor have my information before I even get to my appointment.

- Clint T., Maryland


THE BEST MEDICAL ID HANDS DOWN! Not just for emergencies, but for everyday use! A wallet card that holds all of your health information…why hasn’t this been done sooner!!!

- Evan C., Tennessee

Peace of Mind

I have stage 4 breast cancer and my doctors don’t seem to talk to each other. My KNOWME ID gives me confidence in knowing that I always have my up-to-date medication list, labs, imaging reports, and doctor’s notes with me all the time.

- Sonia D., Maryland


When we moved from Maryland to Florida, KNOWME made the process so much easier! We love having all of our medical information in one secure location, rather than multiple patient portals.

- Janice & Fred T., Florida

Frequently Asked Questions about KNOWME

How much does it cost?

The peace of mind knowing that all of your health information is available to you anytime, anywhere, & in any situation is less than $1 a day.

Is my information safe and secure?

Yes! KNOWME follows the same strict patient & data privacy guidelines as all healthcare systems, hospitals & and providers.

What if I see a lot of doctors frequently?

Your Personal Health Guide will help you consolidate records from all of the providers, follow up with you monthly, & send your Health Snapshot ahead of your appointments.

How do I get started?

Visit and get started today.

Who needs a KNOWME?

  • Your elderly parents
  • People w/ a complex health history
  • Loved ones battling cancer
  • College students
  • Kids with food or medication allergies
  • YOU

Sonia Davis

The inspiration behind KNOWME

A few years ago, my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  As she went from appointment to appointment, she got tired of repeating herself.  She asked me to create a clear, concise history of all her records for her.  KNOWME has made her more knowledgable about her health, helped her receive better care, and even caught medical mistakes that could have landed her in the hospital. KNOWME has helped her and we want it to help you and your loved ones too.  

— Casey Davis [Husband, Physician Assistant & the Creator of the KNOWME ID]